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Organizational Performance

Optimizing organizational performance is at the heart of Suntiva’s mission; we ensure that organizations have the foundation in place to achieve their most critical organizational goals.  Suntiva consultants are trained to look at organizations as complex systems, discover root cause issues, and identify and activate levers of change necessary to bring about lasting improvements.  We bring our expertise in management consulting, psychology, and organization development to the business context and deliver meaningful results that impact the individual executive, the executive team, and the organization as a whole.

Our Organizational Performance services are most often combined with our other areas of deep and specific domain expertise, such as federal acquisition, IT Strategy and Governance, and Program Management, to enable the achievement of key strategic business objectives in these areas.  In the end, we understand that the creation of “High Performing Teams” is only a means to an end – these efforts must be linked to the business strategy, and to specific business outcomes – in order to be truly successful.

Our most requested services comprise the following subject areas.

Leadership Development

Team and Organization Effectiveness

Strategy Development and Alignment

Human Capital Consulting

Change Management

Organization Design

Leadership Development

Suntiva's leadership development programs are based on our combined business and psychology expertise — and are much more than traditional training programs or executive coaching. How? First, we always work within the context of your specific business situation, focusing on measurable business results — because we have both the training and the first-hand experience in the multiple dimensions of executive leadership. Second, we know that your business challenges don't exist in a vacuum, but are connected to other areas of your life. Our dual expertise in business and doctoral-level psychology uniquely qualifies us to help you discover critical personal insights that advance your leadership talent. We believe that leveraging and understanding the links between you the business executive and you the individual fuels your personal drive, solves business problems in practical and lasting ways, and results in powerful and fulfilling change.

Some of our most popular leadership development offerings include the following: 

Executive-Centered Coaching — Our core offering for one-on-one coaching, provided to current and future business leaders. Our coaches empower executives with breakthrough insights to achieve their most critical business objectives. Click here to learn more about our executive coaching programs.

Three-Dimensional (3D) Coaching — Our unique approach to addressing specific interpersonal dynamics within the executive team, to include boss-to-direct-report, peer-to-peer, or other critical business relationships. Our 3D methodology measurably impacts productivity for both the individuals and the team as a whole. 

Team Coaching — One-time off sites and seminars are occasionally valuable, but usually they don't lead to results that “stick”. Suntiva consultants work side-by-side with you, in the context of the business, to develop lasting strategies and achieve key outcomes for the team and the business.

Leadership Assessments — We are certified experts in a wide range of assessment programs, from 360 Feedback and other individualized tools to team effectiveness and organizational culture and strategy analysis.

Leadership Development Training - We help individuals and teams to grow existing and future leaders through tailored and proven leadership development programs, tied to the organizational strategy and the leadership behaviors and competencies that are critical to success.  We have standard training offerings that we can customize to meet your organizations unique needs. A sample of our offerings include:

  • Fundamentals of Management Skills
  • Leveraging Your Strengths in the Workplace
  • Improving Productivity and Time Management
  • Leading High Performance Teams Part I and Part II
  • Understanding and Enhancing Influencing Skills
  • Motivating Employees
  • Building Trust
  • Managing Conflict
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence Part I and Part II

Team and Organization Effectiveness

Team effectiveness is a key driver in an organization’s ability to meet its goals, maintain employee satisfaction, and identify ways to remove barriers, such as silos and a lack of cross-departmental communication. Suntiva focuses on understanding and providing the essential building blocks for creating and sustaining high performance teams.

Our Team Effectiveness services include: 

High Performing Team Design — We identify and apply the optimal performance model to provide teams with a roadmap to achieving high performance.  Included within the scope of services is assessing the current state of the team’s performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, assisting teams in developing detailed plans for action, and ultimately executing and measuring the effectiveness of the plans in collaboration with the client.

New Team Acceleration — We provide hands-on support in the efficient and purposeful development of a new team with the requisite vision, strategy, processes, structure, motivation, and employee trust to operate effectively and contribute to a high performing organizational culture.

Team Based Skill Development — Our expert consultants provide training on critical business skills (e.g., customer service, problem solving, conflict management, valuing diversity, etc.) that enable teams to operate more effectively, enhance collaboration with other Business Units/departments, and/or provide better service to customers.

Strategy Development and Alignment

Successful executives know that you cannot separate business strategy from the personal objectives and incentives within the team. But how often do strategic planning initiatives leave out the proactive measures necessary to ensure alignment and commitment to its success? Without this alignment, execution of the strategy inevitably suffers from organizational “churn” and a lack of focus. Suntiva's unique brand of Strategy Development combines our strategy and operations expertise with our ability to achieve alignment across key stakeholders.  The result is a strategy that lives beyond the planning sessions, creating energy and focus for the executive team, as well as the organization as a whole.

Our expertise in strategy development initiatives includes the following:

Strategic Planning & Alignment — We have supported organizations ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 500 firms in developing strategic plans, launching new businesses, and gaining consensus and alignment to the business strategy.  Our best-of-breed methodology is tailored to your business, people, and strategic business objectives.

Merger, Acquisition, & Reorganization — Our focus is on accelerating the change process, so that organizations can realize the business value more quickly, and in ways that last.  We have expertise ranging from public company merger and integration to government agency reorganizations, and support leaders through our business and psychology expertise as applied to organizational culture, structure, communication, and leadership issues.

Performance Management — We are expert at aligning key metrics to the business strategy, and balancing these measures against personal and organizational incentive systems. We employ a balanced scorecard-style approach to ensure that the financial, customer, employee, and process/operations metrics are properly in tune with key strategic objectives.  We have specific expertise in Balanced Scorecard development and implementation. 

Surveys and Market Research — In preparation for various change initiatives, we have supported many clients in the development and use of both internal and external surveys to better understand customer and employee perceptions and needs. These may be targeted at customer (or employee) retention, satisfaction, or the implications of new or revised market strategies.


Human Capital Consulting

Suntiva helps organizations grow and leverage their most important asset, their human capital. In an environment that requires high productivity and operates under resource constraints, organizations have to effectively manage their human capital to do more with less. Many current and future human capital challenges that organizations are faced with include how to:

  • Recruit and hire staff for job and culture fit
  • Balance workload to optimize productivity
  • Retain mission-critical knowledge held by retirees and other departing employees
  • Develop, motivate, and evaluate employees with a link between individual and organizational performance
  • Manage poor performers
  • Engage employees in a fast-paced, highly networked world
  • Forecast future workforce requirements with limited data
  • Reward and retain top talent to ensure an ample leadership pipeline
  • Onboard employees quickly and effectively to ensure organization commitment

Our Human Capital Management Consulting services enable organizations to determine their talent management strategy in support of the achievement of the overall business strategy. In addition, we partner with public and private sector organizations to develop and/or enhance programs and processes to acquire, develop, reward, and retain high performing people with the right competencies to support current and future business objectives. And unlike more traditional approaches, we bring to bear our multi-dimensional expertise in business strategy, process design, leadership development, organization development, and doctoral-level psychology to build human capital solutions that positively impact the bottom line and achieve expected business outcomes. Moreover, Suntiva applies our change management methodology to assist organizations in determining the most effective implementation approaches and also provide hands-on support during the implementation phase.

Our Human Capital Management Services include four inter-related offerings:

Talent Management Life-cycle Assessment — A robust talent management strategy that addresses the complete lifecycle of employment is essential to effectively manage, develop and retain a mission-critical workforce. By applying our holistic approach to talent management, we help organizations define their overall talent management strategy and ensure alignment between human capital programs and the organization’s overall business strategy. Sample outcomes include:

  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Human Capital Strategic Planning Documents
  • Strategy & Program Alignment
  • Gap Analysis & Return on Investment

Process and Program Design and Optimization — Effective and aligned human capital programs and processes are the building blocks of an high performing organization. We assess and analyze existing human capital programs and processes throughout the employment lifecycle to identify and recommend improvement opportunities – leveraging best practices where possible – to ensure human capital programs and processes are achieving maximum return on investment. Sample outcomes include:

  • Assessment of Program Effectiveness (e.g., based on employee surveys)
  • Strategic alignment between human capital programs
  • Streamlined recruiting and hiring processes
  • Effective reward and recognition programs
  • Onboarding programs that integrate new employees quickly

Workforce Planning and Analytics — Our solutions in this area include succession planning, competency modeling, and workforce and workload analyses – all designed to help an organization make strategic data-driven decisions to ensure the organization has a strong leadership pipeline and employee talent with the key knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to fulfill the organization’s mission now and in the future. Our experts in workload analyses have developed and refined methods and tools to support even the most complex work environments. Sample outcomes include:

  • Strategic Workforce Plan
  • Data driven workforce decision-making capability
  • Efficient workload redistribution
  • Succession plans for key positions
  • Identification of Leadership Pipeline
  • Knowledge management plans
  • Competency Model and Competency-based performance management systems

Training and Development — Training and development helps employees achieve and enhance their leadership, technical and professional competencies and skills that support workforce planning decisions. Our solutions in this area include training needs assessments, leadership development program design, staff development program design, and training program delivery. Sample outcomes include:

  • Training and Development Strategy
  • Identification of learning strategies to develop required competencies for success
  • Employees capable of achieving business goals aligned with business needs and strategy
  • Increased employee knowledge, productivity and engagement
  • Increased leadership capacity and capability
  • ROI on training and development initiatives


Change Management

Change management is often considered “optional” when organizations are implementing a new system, or re-organizing, or transforming their business model or culture. It can also be the first thing cut from the budget when project costs rise. In many initiatives of this kind, change management takes the form of “training on the new system” or an email announcing the reorganization.  What’s the end result?  No one uses the new system or people continue working the old way, change fatigue sets in and precious time and resources are spent with little/no results to show for the “change”.

Change management is a process that helps people let go of an old way of doing something and supports them as they learn new ways of working. The change management process consists of activities, plans, models and theories that are implemented with a view to supporting behavioral change in organizations. The change may only affect 5 people on a team or an entire 50,000 person organization.  For those of us who have tried to lose weight or stop smoking or make any other behavioral change, we all know that change is really hard to do and even harder to sustain. That’s why effective change management is critical when you are trying to implement a change in an organization.  Change management is key to the success of implementing and sustaining a change in process, a system, roles and responsibilities, how the organization is structured or an organization’s culture. If people need to change the way they are doing something they need support transitioning from the old way to the new way.  Without support, homeostasis sets in and people revert to the “old” more comfortable way of doing things.

At Suntiva we think change needs to be holistic and supported at the individual, team and organizational level. We integrate individual coaching of the change leaders focused on building key change management competencies, with training for key stakeholders including managers of the change and the change implementation team. We place a high premium on engaging individual employees in the change process and ensuring their concerns and interests are heard and addressed. Strong communications and stakeholder alignment is also crucial to ensuring successful outcomes. We staff our change teams with certified coaches, OD consultants and functional experts, integrating their knowledge and experience in a way that helps us to understand and address resistance, builds alignment, and increases project credibility. The graphic depiction of our change model provides more detail on how we approach change. At Suntiva we also tailor our approach to suit the scale of the change – a change affecting 5 does not require the same approach as a change affecting 50,000! Change is one of those things where one size does not fit all.


According to the most recent global best practices in change management report, projects with effective change management are six times as likely to meet their project objectives as those that employ poor or no change management. From that perspective, change management is actually a strong form of risk management. If you’re trying to streamline a process to cut delivery time or costs or if you are seeking to improve quality or increase volume, profits or market share, adding effective change management to your project can significantly increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

No one wants to waste time, money or energy trying to implement a change that does not deliver results. Let us partner with you to implement effective change that increases alignment and employee engagement, builds organizational capacity and delivers results that last.  

Download Suntiva's white paper, "Overcoming Human Capital Challenges to Drive Change and Deliver Performance Improvements That Last."

Organization Design

An attribute of high performing organizations is an organization structure that is fully aligned with the organization’s strategy, enabling both mission effectiveness and operational efficiency. The path towards achieving this alignment can be a straight line, but far too often it’s done through trial and error. And ultimately, these organization structures end up being fashioned around politics and personalities, which frustrate both employees and customers, and don’t deliver the performance leaders expect. To avoid these pitfalls, a direct, high engagement approach is needed to identify an organization structure that is strategy driven and not based on special interests.

Suntiva’s holistic approach to organization design involves five key steps, and incorporates elements of both our Human Capital Management and Change Management approaches to ensure the selected organization design is successfully implemented and sustained. In the first step, we help organizations identify the reasons for considering a new organization structure (e.g., improve customer service, reduce costs, reduce risk, improve efficiencies). This helps facilitate stakeholder engagement and commitment by building the case for change. We then help translate those “drivers” into “design criteria” which will ultimately help guide the selection of the new structure. Once identified, design criteria are prioritized based on the organization’s short and long term goals. And, ultimately, a prioritized set of design criteria help focus the decision making process on what’s important – reducing the influence of politics and special interests.

Once there is a clear set of design criteria, work can begin on identifying design alternatives. When considering design alternatives, we recognize that one size does not fit all. And that an organization’s culture is critical to understanding what will work and won’t work in terms of a new structure. Therefore, although we consider best practices and benchmarking other organization structures, they are used to inform the process, not dictate design alternatives. In the next step, we help facilitate key decision makers in the process of selecting a design alternative that is best aligned with the organization’s strategy. Once that has occurred, we begin the process of completing the details of the new structure to include (among other things): staffing levels, reporting relationships, roles and responsibilities, and span of control of supervisors. Here, elements of our Human Capital Management approach are leveraged to help complete the details including identifying appropriate staffing levels e.g., through a workforce analysis. At the conclusion of this step, the organization has a fully functional organization structure ready to be implemented. Suntiva also helps organizations develop a transition plan, building off elements in our Change Management approach, to ensure the implemented organization design is successfully implemented and sustained.

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