Wendy Myers


Wendy Myers is an attorney with over twenty years of experiencing providing strategic human capital, organization development, and change management consulting services to management teams and organizations. As a corporate human capital and organization development professional and consultant to Federal Government, non-profit and private sector customers, Wendy is passionate about helping clients put in place the necessary strategic programs to improve organizational performance and employee satisfaction. She is a Certified Prosci Change Management Professional and Certified SCRUM Master, and a graduate of the prestigious ACT-IAC Partners Leadership Program where she worked with Federal Government and industry leaders to solve pressing government challenges.

Wendy is the Director of Workforce Transformation at Suntiva, leading the development and delivery of Suntiva’s workforce-focused solutions.  She supports Federal Government customers across Health & Human Services (HHS) implement programs to develop organization, leadership and team capacity to manage through change and be strategically positioned with the right workforce at the right time to meet mission requirements.

Prior to her current role at Suntiva, Wendy worked with DMedia Associates, Capital Technology Information Services, Deloitte, Arthur Andersen, Etensity Inc. and was an attorney for the US Department of State.

Wendy received her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relationships and German from The College of William and Mary, her Master of Arts in Law and International Affairs from American University and her Juris Doctorate from American University.

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