Suntiva Spotlight

Suntivans love the work they do and do the work they love. See how in our series of employee profiles called Suntiva Spotlights.

Courtney Mong

As part of the Civilian Business Unit, I work with a team to support the overall planning, execution, and evaluation of a clients’ training programs.

What do you think makes Suntiva a great place to work? Why do you enjoy working for Suntiva?
The phrase “Great minds. Great hearts.” is absolutely the best way to describe Suntiva and is what makes it a great place to work. Everyone is an expert in their field and are open to sharing their experience, work samples, and insight with one another. As someone who is relatively early in my career, this is something that I really value so that I can continue to learn about numerous specialties.

What do you enjoy most in working with Suntiva's clients? How do we make a difference in our clients' work?
I enjoy making a difference in the client’s work by providing innovative ideas for solving problems and then following through with implementation.

The most impactful project I have been a part of so far has been improving the registration process for the clients’ training programs. When I first joined, all of the program registrations were handled through email requests and spreadsheets, which was not time effective and left room for error. I suggested trying out the LMS system, gained access to it, and have since began phasing in the implementation of it for the training programs.

What influenced or drove you become an expert in your field?
I joined Suntiva just a few months after I started the Industrial and Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) graduate program at UMBC. I had some exposure to training in the past, but wanted to experience the true ins-and-outs of it as well as gain experience with other research/analytical organizational strategies. I’ve since had the opportunity to work with the Suntiva team to support the client in so many of these ways and look forward to continue applying my I/O knowledge to our work.

What drives or inspires you to work at Suntiva?
The Suntiva mission, core values, and the great people that embody them is what inspires me to work at Suntiva. It is truly a great place to work!