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I currently work on the Army Contract Writing System (ACWS) Team as a subcontractor to CGI. We’re about to deploy the next phase of the system, so I’ve become a Jane-of-all-trades recently working on everything from writing test scripts to auditing test scripts to ensuring they’re ready for use by our Army users. I am also familiarizing the users with the new system to ensure they work the way they’re supposed to in achieving the end result. In addition to these responsibilities, I am also regularly called upon for my contracting and grants subject-matter expertise.

What do you think makes Suntiva a great place to work? Why do you enjoy working for Suntiva?
While most companies claim to value their employees, Suntiva walks the walk. I retired from active duty Air Force ten years ago and had an incredible career. Working at Suntiva makes me want to stay somewhere another 20 years. The environment at Suntiva encourages me to further expand my breadth of knowledge and expertise.

What do you enjoy most in working with Suntiva's clients?
I don’t fashion myself as a salesperson and, if I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of salespeople. However, I’ve seen first-hand how doing your job well and branching out of your comfort zone to prove your value is one of the best ways to show customers what I and, in turn, Suntiva are capable of.

I recently visited the client site for the first time. Being on-site with the ACWS team for just a three-day period, and having the opportunity to meet and talk to people face-to-face about my experience, opened an opportunity to lend my support to other ACWS teams.

What influenced or drove you to become an expert in your field?
When I retired from the Air Force, my experience consisted of eight years as an inventory management (supply) specialist and twelve years as a contract specialist. Contracting was my first true love because it challenged me and pushed me to do better and learn even more every day. I loved how complex it was and how you had to monitor the rules because they changed all the time. It was a perfect fit for my detail-oriented personality. In the first year after retirement, I was hired as an SPS/PD2 functional system administrator and, though I have ventured into budget analyst and grants specialist positions in the last ten years, it’s always my SPS/PD2 experience that gets me pulled back into the ART/ACWS world.

What drives or inspires you to work at Suntiva?
My “love language” is words of encouragement. I have always valued feeling appreciated more than any other reward in my professional or personal life. Suntiva values its employees and knows they are what keeps customers coming back and what drives current and former customers recommending Suntiva to fill a need for new support.

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