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Karla Finger

I am a Senior Executive consultant focusing on organization performance, leadership development, team effectiveness, and change management. I also provide individual leadership coaching and cohort-based leadership training for individual contributors, team leaders, contract specialists, program and office leaders, executives, researchers, and reviewers.

Some of my current projects include designing and delivering an integrated leadership development program for 80+ managers at Common Securitization Solutions providing executive coaching for Director-level clients at several FDA Centers; and working with a senior leadership team and staff members at NHLBI to collectively develop strategies to address staff engagement opportunities identified in the annual employee viewpoint survey.

What do you think makes Suntiva a great place to work? Why do you enjoy working for Suntiva?

First and foremost, it’s our shared commitment and passion for embodying our values and doing great work for our customers! I feel fortunate to be able to do the work I love in an environment that fosters collaboration, professional growth and development, community service, and work/life balance.

What is your background in this industry?

Prior to coming to Suntiva, nine years ago, I spent five years as an Organization Development and Change Consultant at Washington Headquarter Services (WHS) at the Pentagon and two years working for SAIC as an Organization Development Consultant at the Nuclear Threat Reduction Agency. Consulting was my third career, preceded by sales, event marketing, and commercial film production.

What do you enjoy most in working with Suntiva’s clients?

I enjoy the variety of clients we have across a wide range of disciplines, including acquisition, clinical, scientific, research, administrative, engineering, policy, and information technology. I enjoy the challenge of learning how to adapt my way of working to be effective in these different cultural environments. I also appreciate the way we partner with our clients to expand individual, leader, team, and organizational awareness and build the capacity to grow, trust, collaborate, achieve results, and sustain change.

What influenced or drove you to become an expert?

My curiosity about both human behavior and change led me into Organization Development work. I appreciate OD because it offers a humanistic and inclusive top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge, talent, and skills focused on developing the organization.

What drives or inspires you to work at Suntiva?

What inspires me to work at Suntiva is the confidence I have in our leadership team, the impact we make in the organizations we serve, and the awesome colleagues I have the privilege to learn from, work beside, and personally enjoy!

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