Suntiva Spotlight

Suntivans love the work they do and do the work they love. See how in our series of employee profiles called Suntiva Spotlights.

Lauren Faal

I support the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s communications team by writing blogs, managing speaking events, establishing their social media presence, and a host of other communications efforts across the organization.

What do you think makes Suntiva a great place to work? Why do you enjoy working for Suntiva?
I enjoy how encouraging and supportive Suntiva is as a whole. Specifically, Suntiva’s training and education program is second to none. The tuition reimbursement is very generous and employees are given 40 hours a year for continuous learning opportunities including workshops, conferences, and classes. Suntiva also provides each employee with an employer-paid health savings account, this is another rare company perk and has been very helpful.

What do you enjoy most in working with Suntiva's clients? How do we make a difference in our clients' work?
I enjoy helping our client’s tell their story effectively and reach their target audience. This is especially critical for the JAIC since it’s a relatively nascent organization, specializing in innovative, cutting-edge technology. I have enjoyed being a part of the JAIC’s growth over the last year and a half; it’s been a unique opportunity within the otherwise well-established Department of Defense. I was honored to participate in the standing up of the JAIC’s blog, AI in Defense, and their social media presence.


What influenced or drove you become an expert in your field?
I’ve always enjoyed writing and editing – I was a member of each of my elementary through high school newspaper and yearbook staff. It is undoubtedly my passion. I’ve enjoyed working throughout the government, helping agencies tell their stories both externally and internally. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting very interesting, influential people and working on unforgettable projects along the way.

What drives or inspires you to work at Suntiva?
Suntiva’s motto of “great minds, great hearts” is what initially impressed me about the company. I knew that this sentiment aligns with my own personal beliefs and is a key element that sets Suntiva apart from its peers. I am honored to uphold Suntiva’s promise each day.

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