Suntiva Spotlight

Suntivans love the work they do and do the work they love. See how in our series of employee profiles called Suntiva Spotlights.

mike berecz

The majority of my career has been spent in project management, instructional design, and strategic planning. I am currently managing a project within the CBU that combines aspects of all three.

What do you think makes Suntiva a great place to work? Why do you enjoy working for Suntiva?

Everyone is smart, everyone is present, and everyone cares. I appreciate the personal touches.

What do you enjoy most in working with Suntiva's clients? How do we make a difference in our clients' work?

I am excited to be working with FDA on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts—everything from strategic planning to training. It is a top priority of the new administration, and their attempt to “meet the moment” as it relates to the needs of our nation. More importantly, however, it is a topic that aligns to my values, and I am excited to be able to work on something I care deeply about.

What influenced or drove you to become an expert in your field?

As a son of immigrants from countries with problematic pasts, the topic of functioning and fair government was always a staple of discussion when I was growing up. Working with the US government in areas that I care about is an honor.

Do you have any tips for engagement in a virtual environment?

Turn your camera on!

Can you provide one tip for working in prolonged telework?

When working from home (and really not going anywhere), it can sometimes feel like you’re always at work. It’s important to draw boundaries around work time and personal time. Get up. Walk around. Try to structure your day such that the work part actually ends. And maybe this is just for me, but try to drink less coffee…

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