Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Integrated Services (IS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

The FDA Integrated Services contract is a multi-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for the FDA to support the following task areas: Training Support Services; Learning Management System (LMS) Support; Program and Project Management; Human Capital Management (e.g. leadership development, coaching, agile coaching, agile organizational development, agile organizational development, performance improvement services, workforce planning, and change management); and Strategic Communications Services. FDA Integrated Services assesses and improves agency capabilities; develops individual and team talents and skillsets; identifies strategic alignment to ensure mission effectiveness; enhances collaborative communities to enhance organizational structure, and identifies and plans for desired organizational development. This contract enables the FDA to provide consistency in service delivery to their offices and centers.

Benefits and Features of Using FDA-IS

  • Available for use by any organization within FDA.
  • FDA-IS is a five-year vehicle that supports multi-year task orders and a 6-month option period. BPA Order performance may extend up to a year beyond the BPA’s final ordering period expiration date.
  • Through FDA-IS, Suntiva will assist FDA with human capital management and organizational performance services and solutions, including:
    • Training Support Services
    • Learning Management System (LMS) Support
    • Program and Project Management
    • Human Capital Management
    • Strategic Communication Services

How to Use the FDA-IS Vehicle

Contact our FDA-IS Program Manager for more information at

Suntiva FDA-IS Services and Solutions

In addition to the services listed below, Suntiva provides ancillary IT Services in support of your organization’s human capital and organizational performance requirements.

Suntiva, an appraised CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, can provide a broad scope of services, including:

  • Training Support Services. Suntiva provides training support services that encompasses the full lifecycle of training and learning objectives for the FDA, including instructional design and eLearning support, training delivery services, and training administration support. We foster an agency-wide continuous learning environment by providing quality services, competency-based learning, and career development activities using innovative training solutions that are aligned with the FDA’s strategic human capital goals.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Support. Suntiva supports the FDA to maximize the administration and use of the LMS platform to achieve learning goals and objectives in support of the FDA’s mission and strategic plan. This includes supporting the analysis of the current state, providing recommendations for the acquisition of an LMS; the strategic use of LMS in the delivery of learning objectives; and data analysis and reporting of LMS data.
  • Program and Project Management Services. Suntiva also sustains overall project management procedures, tools and techniques to ensure efficient and effective business outcomes across the FDA. These services expand beyond the management of the BPA to include providing program and project management consulting services to analyze and review other FDA programs and projects in accordance with the practices notated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
  • Human Capital Management. Suntiva manages the FDA’s Human Capital Management Task Area including services related to the end-to-end practices, programs, strategies, and processes for aligning, planning, attracting, developing, coaching, managing, rewarding and retaining their employees. In addition, Suntiva will identify and specify the methodologies, theories, approaches, and processes that are currently in use for individual BPA orders.
  • Strategic Communications Services. Suntiva directs Strategic Communications Services including collaborating, communicating, and implementing communication strategies related to organizational development and other agency goals or objectives. We work with FDA Centers to develop and execute communications strategies, plans, and activities to evaluate and improve communications efforts while creating awareness and understanding of FDA Center initiatives, approaches, value, and general deployment timeframes.
  • Other Services and Support, contact with questions

Suntiva FDA-IS Facts

For More Information:

FDA Account Director : Jordan Parsons
Telephone: (703) 462-8470

FDA-IS Contract Manager : Dave Acton
Telephone: (703) 462-8470

Contract Information

Contract Number: HHSF223201910003B

Contract Type: GSA PSS Schedule, multi-award BPA

Period of Performance: 28 February 2019 – 27 February 2024

Vehicle Estimate Value: $100 million

Order Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Material (T&M), Labor Hour (LH)
Award Types & Values: Orders with rapid competition among broad range of providers
Suntiva DUNS Number: 16-7032239
Suntiva Relevant NAICS Codes:
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Email us at for more information.

Email us at for more information.