NHLBI Lead, Empower, Advance, and Develop (LEAD) BPA


The NHLBI Lead, Empower, Advance, and Develop (LEAD) BPA contract is a multi-award BPA for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to support the following task areas: BPA Management; Organizational Development and Assessment; Executive Coaching; Facilitation; Management Consulting; Keynote Speakers; and Professional Development. The LEAD BPA supports NHLBI’s continuing efforts of transformation and change at all levels of the Institute. With the assistance of the services provided, staff will be empowered to lead at all levels as well to streamline the Institutes efforts and create a “Best Place to Work” for all staff. Contractors advise on implementing an inclusive, shared, and accountable approach to leadership and organizational development that cascades up, down, and throughout the organization. In addition, these services will assist the NHLBI is improving performance, accountability, and efficiency; all of which will result in better customer service and cost savings to the American public.

Benefits and Features of Using LEAD BPA

  • Available for use by the NHLBI

  • LEAD BPA is a five-year vehicle that supports multi-year tasks

  • Through the LEAD BPA, Suntiva will assist NHLBI with workforce transformation services, including:

    • Organizational Development and Assessment

    • Executive Coaching

    • Facilitation

    • Management Consulting

    • Keynote Speakers

    • Professional Development

Contract Info

Contract Number: HHSN268201800014B
Contract Type: Multi-Award BPA
Period of Performance: 09/25/2018 – 09/24/2023
Blanket Purchase Agreement Estimated Value: $15 Million

Suntiva DUNS Number: 16-7032239
NAICS Code(s): 541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

For More Information

NIH Account Director: Jordan Parsons
Telephone: (703) 462-8470
LEAD BPA Contract Manager: Dave Acton
Telephone: (703) 462-8470
Email: contracts@suntiva.com

Email us at inquiries@suntiva.com for more information or to learn more about agency specific vehicles.