The USDA FNS BPA includes a full range of professional services and solutions necessary to support the FNS in the transformation and continued implementation of technology-related activities specific to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). The vehicle was specifically crafted to reduce administrative costs of acquiring commercial digital transformation services and enhance collaborative communities across FNS and the eighty-nine (89) State agencies providing WIC services and other components of USDA. Under this contract, Suntiva will provide FNS with WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer adoption support including, but not limited to, technical facilitation and planning, integration and documentation support, and fraud detection and reporting solutions. Additionally, Suntiva will provide WIC State Agency’s MIS support including product management, change management, WIC Technology Portal website portal, technical transition, and code assessments.

Benefits and Features of Using USDA FNS BPA

  • Available for use by any organization within FNS.
  • USDA FNS BPA is a five-year, single award BPA that supports multi-year task orders.
  • BPA Order performance may extend up to a year beyond the BPA’s final ordering period expiration date.
  • Work may be placed without further competition providing timely and low-cost placement of the work.
  • Contractor support responsibilities may include but not limited to:
    • Management Information Systems (MIS)
    • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Implementation
    • System Strategy, Governance, and Technical Assistance


Under this BPA, Suntiva will provide targeted expertise from within a broad scope of services, including:

  • Program and Project Management Services.Suntiva also sustains overall project management procedures, tools and techniques to ensure efficient and effective business outcomes across the FNS. These services expand beyond the management of the BPA to include providing program and project management consulting services to analyze and review other FNS programs and projects in accordance with the practices notated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
  • Independent Verification and Validation Services. It is important for both FNS and State agencies to find a third party that has experience with the mission and technology who can conduct independent verification and validation (IV&V) throughout the project life cycle. Suntiva has proven experience providing IV&V services where we audit MIS and EBT vendor’s deliverables and project management processes, we look out for your organization’s interests. Our independence allows us to take an objective view while identifying high-risk areas early in the project so you can mitigate risks and prepare contingencies.
  • Organizational Development.Aligning human capital strategies and mission with leading best practices, methodologies and tools including human capital strategy development, workforce planning and restructuring, succession planning and competency modeling.
  • Strategic Communications Services and Web Design. Suntiva directs Strategic Communications Services including collaborating, communicating, and implementing communication strategies related to organizational development and other agency goals or objectives. We work across the eighty-nine (89) States agencies providing WIC services to develop and execute communications strategies, plans, and activities to evaluate and improve communications efforts while creating awareness and understanding of FNS approaches, value, and general deployment timeframes.
  • Systems Engineering, Operations, and Modernization. Providing systems engineering and integration, applications design and development and legacy systems operations and modernization including cloud readiness and migration, mobility lifecycle support, Agile application design, implementation, testing and workflow enablement.
  • Adoption Management Solutions. Helping the organization identify and address the people, process and technology barriers enabling the workforce to embrace change and accelerate adoption of new initiatives. Integrating proven human leadership and technical best practices from ITIL, Agile, Operations Performance and Human Capital considering each client’s leadership, structure, mission, processes and systems.

In addition to the services listed above, Suntiva, an appraised CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, can also provide a broad scope of ancillary IT Services in support of your organization’s human capital and organizational performance requirements.


For More Information:
Corporate USDA FNS BPA Program Manager: Les Milner
Corporate USDA FNS BPA Contract Manager: Jeremy Schmidt
Telephone: (703) 868-5478
Email: USDA-FNS@Suntiva.com

This BPA was awarded was under the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).

Contract Info

Contract Number: 12319820A0011
Contract Type: Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Period of Performance: 09/30/20 to 09/29/25
Vehicle Contract Ceiling: $25 Million
Order Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP)
Sponsor: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)

Suntiva DUNS Number: 16-7032239
NAICS Code(s): 541611 Administrative Management and General
Contracting Officer (CO): Ronnie Hall
Contracting Officer Representative (COR): Patrice Williams

For More Information

NIH Account Director: Jordan Parsons
Telephone: (703) 462-8470
LEAD BPA Contract Manager: Dave Acton
Telephone: (703) 462-8470
Email: contracts@suntiva.com

Email us at inquires@suntiva.com for more information or to learn more about agency specific vehicles.

Email us at inquiries@suntiva.com for more information or to learn more about agency specific vehicles.

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