U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) programs including Power Projection Enablers (P2E), Product Director Enterprise Email (PD EE) and Project Director Enterprise Services (PD ES).


Army PEO EIS leaders face challenges related to rapid growth, evolving missions and warfighter support needs. Their programs faced different challenges and required expert services to help assess, plan and implement smart solutions. P2E needed an assessment of the organization and mission critical processes to identify areas for business process improvement. PD EE needed an innovative solution including for operationalizing the Army’s first hosted enterprise IT service. Finally, PD ES needed their enterprise IT solutions integrated into a single comprehensive program management function enabling effective oversight.

Suntiva Solutions

P2E engaged Suntiva to conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment. We redesigned Human Capital processes and provided a gap analysis contrasting Acquisition processes against policy, regulations and industry best practices. PD EE engaged Suntiva to shape essential processes for implementation of Defense Enterprise Email (DEE) using ITIL as a governing framework. We facilitated an Integrated Product Team (IPT) to evaluate and implement processes for the organization to operate more efficiently, while sustaining a positive end user experience. PD ES engaged Suntiva to assess, document and formalize critical business processes including Strategic Planning, Strategic Communications, Enterprise Systems Acquisition processes, Program Management capabilities and a Knowledge Management solution. We supported process development and implementation enabling effective monitoring and management of critical initiatives.


Our P2E efforts resulted in actionable business process recommendations and a roadmap for success. From this, P2E implemented organizational performance measures that improved on-boarding and off-boarding practices and communication techniques promoting alignment around mission, vision and objectives. Our successful gap analysis of acquisition processes identified several improvements that enhanced quality and compliance. At PD EE, Suntiva facilitated the development and supported the migration of 1,600,000 users world-wide to DEE. We developed the governing Service Level and Operational Level Agreements for effective monitoring and management of critical services. The PD EE customer stated “I can’t continue our efforts on Enterprise Email without Suntiva’s support. They are vital to our mission.” For PDES, Suntiva facilitated a mature organization with robust communication, planning and management capabilities. We implemented program management processes that were succinct, efficient and provided an accurate real-time view of critical initiatives and activities.

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