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Suntiva MIS, EBT, and IV&V experts have a longstanding history supporting USDA programs by integrating deep and specific domain expertise with information technology, governance and organizational performance, human capital, and federal acquisition lifecycle knowledge to help agency leaders achieve sustainable, meaningful change. For USDA leaders tasked with delivering critical services to citizens without interruptions or confusion, Suntiva offers proven solutions and services built using a multi-disciplinary lens to enable and empower significant government programs to operate efficiently and effectively.

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Suntiva has a long history of working with multi-faceted organizations and staff and extensive experience supporting the WIC mission. This experience resulted in our single award win of the WIC EBT MIS BPA in 2020 for another five years of partnership. We bring a unique combination of skills and expertise to effectively achieve objectives. We have been leveraging this combined skill set to provide services, including IV&V, to the WIC community and the SUG since 2011. Our team has worked with SPIRIT, from both the user group and Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) perspectives. We’ve actively participated in and contributed to SPIRIT requirements and design sessions. In addition to our direct experience with SPIRIT, we have delivered IV&V, organizational performance, technical, procurement, project management, and strategic planning services across the WIC community.

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