Defense Health Agency


Suntiva supports the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Office of the Component Acquisition Executive (Formerly the Air Force Medical Services Commodity Council [AFMSCC]). Suntiva currently provides expert information technology support including data analysis, database administration, web application development and maintenance, and Tier I network and PC help support to DHA program managers, and the extended medical contracting community located at Air Force, Army, and Navy Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) world-wide.

Suntiva Support

Suntiva is responsible for all aspects of the development, deployment, and maintenance of the DHA Contract Tracking and Reporting System (CTAR). CTAR is critical to the DHA collection, maintenance, analysis, and dissemination of medical services contractor performance data. The purpose of CTAR is to transform decentralized assessment data reported by Contract Officer Representative (COR) into centralized information in support of future task order awards, and annual Contract Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs). The Suntiva maintained CTAR user manual forms the basis for training given by DHA program managers via webinars to CORs located at MTFs around the globe. The CTAR context-sensitive on-line help system and data dictionary augment the user manual providing real-time support to new users.

The most current version of CTAR (version 3.0) is written purely in ASP .Net and employs Ajax, jQuery, Flash, and other technologies, to provide a rich user experience, and a wide variety of custom web reports, charts, and downloadable products (Excel, Word, PDF and etc.). CTAR THREE incorporates upload capability to import monthly contractor task order and employee data, significantly reducing Government program office workload. CTAR THREE will be employed in a pilot program supporting the Army Direct Care Medical Services Generation Two (ADCMS-G2) program in the summer of 2014.

Suntiva continues to advise and assist each DHA-OCAE program manager in establishing and defining the best method to measure contractor performance and calculate program metrics as defined in the various contracts. The Government/Suntiva established configuration control board and requirements definition process assures the next generation of CTAR will meet DoD needs. Suntiva is dedicated to helping the program manager better focus on major program issues by reducing administrative workload through automation.

Suntiva provides the DHA-OCAE Program Office administrative, general clerical, and documentation support. Suntiva works with program managers to facilitate a comprehensive tracking and reporting program to include contact with Government CORs and review of electronic records in various Government systems. We attend and create a record of meetings, review tasks, and assist staff with timely completion of tasks using approved formats provided by the Government. We track suspense actions; provide electronic records management, file plan management, and technical writing; prepare and submit documents; and, provide equipment procurement documentation management. Our administrative staff has experience in an office administrative capacity, and knowledge and experience in the use of computer software such as Microsoft Office applications (ex: Word, Excel, and Access).

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