USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency that works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient societies to realize their potential. USAID employees work in the Washington, DC headquarters as well as in Missions throughout the world.

In performance of its mission, USAID awards contracts and financial assistance instruments such as grants and cooperative agreements. These awards are managed by USAID’s Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) workforce that includes Contracting Officers, Agreement Officers, Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs), Agreement Officer Representatives (AORs), A&A Specialists, Program Officers, Technical Officers, and other staff who have a role in the contracting and grant making process of the Agency.

Government-wide mandatory professional certification training requirements apply to USAID’s A&A workforce. However, the mandatory courses do not contain customized training for USAID’s unique environment.


USAID needed customized training for its Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) workforce that would:

Augment mandated professional certification training
-Provide customized training for USAID’s unique environment, and
-Be compliant with the current Federal Acquisition Certification professional competencies so USAID’s A&A workforce would be eligible for continuous learning point credits.

Improve and accelerate the Agency’s ability to train personnel new to the A&A field and enhance the capability and skills of existing staff by providing tools that support compliance and innovative thinking.

Be provided to Washington, DC and Mission A&A professional staff
-Through an assortment of facilitated formal and informal venues or seminar/workshop type sessions, and
-Include e-learning courses and webinars.

Optimize travel costs by having courses taught onsite at USAID Missions or providing web-based learning.

Suntiva Solution

Since 2010 Suntiva has delivered transformational and cost-effective workforce development services for USAID A&A professionals around the world including:

• Uniquely tailored instructor-led short courses and workshops
• eLearning modules, webinars and blended learning courses.

Under BPA awards, Suntiva delivers, develops, and manages training, as well as provides workforce development ancillary services to USAID including technical assistance; development of learning aids and performance support tools; program management; and conference planning and facilitation.
Suntiva’s accomplishments under include:

• Development and delivery of instructor-led learning including short courses, workshops and webinars;
• Development of current and leading-edge technology-based training including eLearning and Blended learning courses;
• Development of learning aids and performance support tools;
• Assessment of learning needs, evaluation of transfer of training to job performance, impact assessment and return on investment;
• Program management;
• Technical Assistance;
• Conference Planning and Facilitation.

Suntiva uses interactive adult learning approaches including realistic scenarios, experiential learning, real-time resource links, and competency based assessments. Suntiva’s performance has resulted in the establishment of a robust and sustainable training platform including nine new acquisition short courses and 11 eLearning courses developed and customized to meet the USAID mission.


Suntiva has developed and taught 150 customized instructor-led classes in Federal Acquisition for 2,621 students at USAID’s Missions in 23 countries and at its Washington, DC Headquarters. In addition, Suntiva has developed 11 new eLearning courses for USAID. This has resulted in:

• Significant Cost Savings for USAID – Training was provided to employees without incurring student travel costs because Suntiva taught courses on-site at USAID Mission offices worldwide and also provided eLearning courses.

• Customized and Relevant Training – Each course was tailored to meet USAID’s unique needs for a diverse group of students including Foreign Service Officers, Civil Service staff and foreign national employees.

• Expert Instructors – Suntiva’s world class acquisition experts taught highly effective courses. Suntiva received an average rating of 4.78 out of 5 based on how well USAID’s employee needs were met by the course content, training material, job aides, facilitation of working sessions, and instructors.

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