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For leaders who want to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive positive change in their workforce, Suntiva provides extensive workforce transformation services with deep expertise in DE&I.

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion in a Rapidly Changing World Takeaways

  • SCAN your environment: Turn off autopilot and develop your identity-dynamics radar to scan the social environment. Scan data and perspectives about the major identity-related issues of the day to better understand and forecast the impact they will have on your stakeholders. MultiDentity dynamic. 

  • Continuous Self-Awareness: Diversity, Inclusion, and Identity conversations begin with you. Communicating about sensitive hot-button issues across identity differences in today’s rapidly changing world requires leaders and managers to know more about where you’re coming from, your worldview, belief systems, and life experiences.

  • Enhance Social Sensitivities: The ability to connect, communicate and resolve conflict across different life experiences and points of view require acute social sensitivity, the ability to sense what’s going on with colleagues in the moment by taking in feelings, body language, discomfort, and concern of others so you can respond with empathy and authenticity.

  • Examine your Systems, practices, and norms: Observe, and inquire from others if there are ways that your systems and practices, especially informal and unwritten rules, create unintended barriers for others. Use your sphere of influence-to-influence change.

Navigating Complex Social and Organizational Issues

In support of the mission to serve and protect American lives, Federal leaders can foster an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed and proactively encouraged through deliberate and inclusive conversations. Leaders are faced with employees asking hard questions and wanting to engage in deeper discussions on complex social issues impacting the workplace. Federal leaders can create an inclusive culture by harnessing the individual and collective insights representing the different experiences and backgrounds of their workforce. Diverse, inclusive organizations that empower employees to think creatively enjoy greater outcomes, including increased innovation, goal achievement, problem-solving, and morale. Suntiva supports the success of Government leaders and teams by helping shift mindsets and building skills to drive positive, sustainable change.

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