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Employee engagement is a reflection of how invested employees are in an organization’s success and their work that supports it. For leaders who want to accelerate and improve workforce morale and satisfaction, Suntiva provides workforce transformation services with deep expertise in engagement data analysis and high-impact solutions.


In today’s rapidly changing environment, organizations must understand drivers of employee engagement and the elements contributing to workplace satisfaction. It is essential for leaders to be able to react to and improve the perceptions of their workforce to recruit, engage and retain top talent to effectively meet their mission. Federal leaders can foster a culture where:

  • Employees are empowered to do their best each day
  • Feel supported by their leadership
  • Believe their organizations are committed to their growth and development.

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is the primary mechanism by which most Federal agencies measure employees' perceptions of the workplace environment, leadership and supervisory practices, and overall satisfaction with their jobs. Organizations with strong positive FEVS scores experience higher productivity and efficiency, increased employee retention, and boosted morale.

Suntiva supports Government leaders to understand the “why” behind the engagement scores so they can implement practical, sustainable engagement strategies to drive a healthy work culture.

Employee Engagement Capabilities

Using our proprietary Engagement Maximizer™ cloud-based analytics tool, we analyze agency engagement scores to identify strengths, challenges, year-over-year upward and downward trends, and themes across survey questions relating to employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, leadership, communication, physical work environment, etc. We also conduct deeper dive data gathering with employees, leaders and stakeholders to understand what is driving results and how to effectively address them.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Engagement Maximizer™ helps organizations visualize areas of relative strength and challenge grouped into core themes. In the heat map examples below, the redder the question, the more negative the score, which can help leaders quickly pinpoint the areas to target for improvement.




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OPM has recently released the government-wide federal employee viewpoint survey results. The 2020 EVS significantly reduced the number of questions—from 71 down to 38 core questions—and included a series of questions specifically about employee experience during the COVID pandemic stay-at-home order.

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