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Coaching is a transformational tool that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals and mission objectives. Since 2002, Suntiva has delivered over 30,000 individual and team coaching hours, identifying the best coaching solutions for each situation, accelerating leadership development strategies, and creating communities which value leaders’ continual learning and growth.


The complexity of today’s world requires individuals and organizations to face new operational challenges as day-to-day job and mission scope expands and intensifies. Leadership coaching is a uniquely impactful tool that provides a confidential space for personal development and delivers positive fundamental shifts within teams and organizations.

The Office of Personnel Management states that “The benefits of coaching individuals and teams include higher engagement, retention, organizational performance and productivity; increased focus on mission and organizational objectives; improved creativity, learning, and knowledge; and better relationships between people and departments.”

Suntiva’s cadre of International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches have Federal consulting support experience and real-world leadership expertise. They have diverse ethnicities, gender, and backgrounds representative of the Government workforce. We support Federal Government agencies in assessing organizational and individual leadership development needs. We design customized workforce and leadership programs and coaching solutions that build agility, capacity, and other critical competencies necessary to achieve measurable results.

Coaching Services

A four- to twelve-month program with bi-weekly or monthly sessions to increase leadership capacity and organizational impact. Leaders create individual coaching plans, formalize goals, and implement actions through one-on-one coaching.


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