CEO, Inclusion Channel, Suntiva’s DEIA training curriculum

Mark Williams is the Founder of The Inclusion Channel, a learning company created to accelerate the adoption of diversity, identity, and inclusion principles through blended, learning. The Inclusion Channel develops platforms, modules, and interactive learning tools that reach individuals, teams, and all organizational levels.

Mark has more than 30 years of experience and is a highly regarded thought leader, public speaker, and educator. He is the author of five books, including the best-selling business book, The Ten Lenses, Your Guide to Living and Working in a Multicultural World. The 10 Lenses was validated through extensive research conducted by the Gallup Organization and has been delivered at local, state, and federal government levels, Global 500 corporations, communities, institutions of higher education, industry conferences.

Mark Williams

Mark has provided 10 Lenses and keynote speeches and workshops for a wide variety of clients, including Amazon, Novant Health, Exxon Corporation, AT & T, the US Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, MERK, Colgate Palmolive, and the Agency for International Development, the Central Intelligence Agency, Harvard Medical School, UNISYS, EDS, the Food and Drug Administration, Pension Benefits Guarantee Corporation, Defense Losgtiscs Agency and the Defense Contract Logistics Agency, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies, associations, and educational institutions.

Mark’s educational frameworks have been used by companies such as Freddie Mac, PBGC, Avon Cosmetics, Microsoft, and Office Depot, Cisco Systems, and the Social Security Administration. For nearly ten years, Mr. Williams was the worldwide diversity consultant for the Marriott International family of companies, coordinating all aspects of their diversity strategy and education programs. He consulted with Marriott’s CEO and the presidents of all operating companies and divisions to customize a multimedia program that was used as the basis of their classroom, satellite, and video-based training created to reach their global workforce.

Mr. Williams has extensive experience at all levels of government. Before his tenure with Marriott, Mr. Williams was a consultant with the CIA, working with top appointed political leaders to analyze shifting political and social conditions and help the intelligence community respond to the impact of the post-Cold War era.

Before working with the CIA, Mr. Williams was an Expert Consultant for two years with the United States Department of Education, where he served as a consultant to senior managers and political appointees. Mr. Williams served on the Design and Facilitation team for the two Congressional Bi-Partisan Retreats held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Mark has over 20 years of demonstrated expertise in the design and implementation of Distance Learning (or eLearning) curricula.

Mark is the recipient of several awards, including the Friends of the United Nations Global Tolerance Award for his composition One Song, Many Voices, which is the theme song for the United Nations International Day of Tolerance, celebrated annually on November 16. The song and music video are performed by award-winning actress and vocalist Vanessa Williams. Mark holds a Master’s degree in Organization Psychology from American University.