Independent Verification
& Validation Services

Suntiva partners with government agencies and stakeholders to reduce risk associated with change and validate the outcomes of their initiatives.

Build Confidence in your Software Systems

Without IV&V, clients lack key validation for outcomes and have a much higher risk in their projects. Suntivans are passionate about using IV&V to ensure our customers can document the status of their programs and prove that they are on track, on budget, and on schedule. Complex projects require a team like Suntiva with a strong understanding of IV&V best practices as well as deep experience.  Additionally, Suntiva’s unique approach combines our behavioral science approach to adoption with IV&V to enable a culture shift of acceptance that drastically reduces risks towards transformation. 

Suntiva's IV&V Services

Suntiva delivers Independent Verification & Validation services derived from IEEE standards 1012-2016to ensure the delivery of a quality systems, manage risk, and increase quality. When IV&V tools are utilized consistently across an enterprise, the results can be summarized in a meaningful way across the enterprise level, lessons learned can be shared across programs, and the full advantages can be leveraged to benefit the organization.  

  • Software Architecture and Code Assessment

    Assessing software architecture with business goals in mind to minimize risks, establish quantitative technical debt baselines, reduce costs, and prioritize portfolio improvement opportunities associated with system modernization and cloud readiness. Suntiva utilizes industry leading tools to conduct architecture and static code analysis to provide understandable and actionable assessment results and recommendations.

  • Risk Analysis/Risk Mitigation

    Utilizing IV&V tools to assess risk registers as well as risk mitigation strategies and their effectiveness both prior to and during a project to ensure risk management for the client.

  • System Testing

    Developing user acceptance testing, regression testing, excursion testing, develop test plans, all of which ensure risk mitigation and quality in performance and results.

  • Program Management Assessment

    A key component of a successful IV&V program is the program level management reporting, which should highlight both how much work has already occurred through assessment counts and issue findings in addition to an on-going review of how the program is performing.

  • Quality Standards

    Quality Planning: starts with the project plan to proactively manage risk and ensure quality. Our approach includes stakeholder alignment and communications activities, effective task planning and coordination, transparent tracking of progress on deliverables, on-going risk assessment and mitigation, as well as timely and effective allocation of appropriate resources.
    Quality Control: consists of the quality reviews conducted internal to the project, and consistent with the tasks as described in the project plan.
    Quality Assurance: is the independent evaluation of project’s performance and risk profile to provide management and other key external (to the project team) stakeholders with the visibility and confidence that the project will achieve its expected outcomes with quality results.

Solution Methodology

Suntiva provides IV&V solutions at specified milestones or completion by:   

  • Objectively monitoring and evaluating the delivery of services, systems, and software
  • Independently confirming that vendors have met requirements and fulfilled expectations
  • Identifying, evaluating, tracking, and monitoring program specific and enterprise risks.
  • Identifying and recommending remediation steps for faults, failures, and malfunction.
  • Developing, recommending, and applying effective risk mitigation strategies


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